Culture War IS Class War!

Posted: April 30, 2016 in Australia, Politics
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As another inevitably unfair LIEbral Budget looms, Aussie voters are being told by disdainful, privileged, self-entitled ultra-con politicians to “live within your means” in order to bail out the failing Turnbull/Abbott government

By Max GrossClass-War-Is-RealAs the dysfunctional Turnbull/Abbott government leads Australians by the nose into the longest election campaign in that wide, brown land’s history, complaining of failing revenue streams and chronic budget deficits, voters should remember that this is the very same political party – the LIEbrals – that trumpeted the benefits of privatising the very sources of revenue that generations of taxpayers built up as essential social services/utilities i.e. power, water, transport, CBA, ports, shipping etc.

So, when flakey, phony Malcolm Turnbull finally, formally announces the election date just remember… vote the bastards OUT!



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