Election 2016 – 8 Daze Later

Posted: July 12, 2016 in Australia, Election, Politics, Rampant Idiocy

By Max Gross

Tuesday 12 July 2016

“When you’re forced to listen to cattle singing, you must at least exercise your freedom to choose the one that sings best” – Nicolai Lilin, ‘Siberian Education’, 2009

XenoxNews.com got it right, Murdoch got it wrong, and Turnbull got it wrongest.

And although – eight days after the election – the LIEbrals can claim they have won, Australians generally have lost.

In forcing an early election, Malcolm Turnbull PM thought he would gain control of the disappoving Senate.

He failed.

He thought he would get the nation’s unequivocal sanction for seizing power from Tony Abbott.

He failed.

He thought he would win a resounding victory in his own right.

He failed.


So much for the Great New Era of Stability!

Malcolm Turnbull’s authority has been slapped down, both within his party and by voters.

In the House of Representatives he has limped over the line with the absolute minimum number of seats required to form government, losing seats previously held by those who supported him.

The final Senate count may not be known for another couple of weeks but, after an mind-numbingly exhausting two-month election campaign, not only does it retain its independence from the ruling LIEbral-Notional Party coalition, it also features even more “unpredictable” Senators than before.

And although there are still three doubtful seats and Labor has made a definite comeback with Bill Shorten’s surprising focus and self-discipline, Labor achieved its second lowest election result. Ever.


In fact, one in four voters did NOT vote for the ALP or LNP.

There is NO MANDATE!

Far from locking out minor parties and independents, Turnbull has opened the cage to hateful nutters like Praline Hanson from whom John Howard stole his most divisive policies and brought us to the point where we imprison innnocent people in concentration camps to be driven to insanity and suicide for daring to seek asylum.

Probably even worse from the LIEbral point of view, while they lost seats their minor partner the Notional party increased its numbers, with a secret “agreement” cementing more Notional power, the details of the deal hidden from voters and the Australian public at large.

Secrecy, subterfuge and deceit. All key characteristics of the LNP.

Abbott-smokin'Overcome with overweening hubris, after just nine months as prime minister, Turnbull has further destabilised government and split the nation in two.

What’s more, he has undercut himself.

Turnbull’s gambit resolved NOTHING!

And now?

Even though a senior tax office whistleblower has just revealed that Australia’s economy annually loses at least $50 billion in tax avoidance schemes concocted by the four biggest global accounting corporations, don’t expect the current LNP “election-winning-machine” to a do a damned thing about it.

Meanwhile government debt has bloomed to $423.8 BILLION, a blow-out of $150 BILLION since Abbott became PM; the 2014 Hockey budget zombies still twitch and flail, neither dead nor alive, Turnbull PM’s most abject final failure; and the onion-eater’s pack of wingnuts is now in a stronger position than prior to the election.

Lameduck Turnbull finally got his “exciting times”.


  1. Reg L van Buuren says:

    Dumb & Dumber !! [ Talcom TURDBULL & TOONY scABBOTT ]


  2. Shogan says:

    Yes the Liberal Party was born out of a typo as they have always been the Liebral Party & now it looks like his “Great New Era of Stability” is the victim of spellcheck as all along we knew that if the LNP got re-elected it was always going to be the “Great New Error of Stability.”


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