Turnbull’s End Times: Fake Tears & Genuine Fears

Posted: November 3, 2017 in Asylum, Australia, Politics, Refugees
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Written by Max Gross

The current debacle involving Australian MPs found by the High Court to be dual-citizens and thus law breakers in breach of the Constitution and ineligible to sit in parliament has been as entertaining as it is bewildering.

That the prime minister Malcolm Turnbull jumped up in full torque sanctimony and faux indignation to defend the fraudulent Josh Frydenberg by mentioning the War, the Holocaust, and Josh’s long-suffering refugee mother, was a sign of just how far gone this lame duck PM and dysfunctional, discredited LNP government are.Turnbull_zombies

Then there is the attempted cover-up by the LNP of Senate President Stephen Parry’s dual citizenship.

The quality of Turnbull’s crocodile tears for the plight of refugees may be judged by his government’s many years’ of abuse and now abandonment of refugees Australia has held in concentration camps on the corrupt Pacific island of Nauru and impoverished  Manus Island in Papua New Guinea where helpless, innocent people have been driven to madness, to suicide and to death.

And this is right now, right here, not the 1940s in Nazi Germany.  And this is Malcolm Turnbull, not Adolf Hitler.arbeit_macht_frei1

When Malcolm Turnbull betrayed his party leader Tony Abbott a couple of years ago he was touted as a man of reason, of intellect, of sensible moderation where Abbott continues to demonstrate his dangerous idiocy and total unfitness for any position of responsibility.

Turnbull himself declared “There has never been a more exciting time to be an Australian” and promised innovation and progress where Abbott was quite content simply to wreck the place.

Turnbull is a fraud,  a flake, a congenital liar like the rest of his fraudulently named “Liberal” party colleagues who are more like the corrupt, self-serving Republicans and deranged Tea Party wingnuts in the USA.

And then, of course there is “President” Donald Trump!!!Trump_00

Anyone who has watched Malcolm Turnbull over the years is not surprised by his apparent 360 degree turn-around of apparently long held progressive believes.

Turnbull’s boundless ambition, moral slipperiness and ruthless, cold-blooded pursuit of what is best for Turnbull, has always driven him.

Tony Abbott once said he would NOT sell his arse for the PM position. Malcolm Turnbull did so without a second thought.

He always wanted to be PM. He became PM. He is still PM. Nothing else remotely even matters to him now.

Meanwhile, there is no innovation, no progress, no exciting times and no “jobs and growth”,  just the divided, dysfunctional and demented LNP government going round and round and round like a washing machine full of cow shit.

Fortunately for Australia, Turnbull is still loathed within his own sordid ranks and will soon join a long line of ousted LNP leaders limping around with daggers in their backs.

Our phoney PM can huff and puff and accuse critics of a witch hunt all he likes but the recent High Court ruling was unanimous and unequivocal: dual citizen MPs are in breach of the Constitution, have broken the Law, and are ineligable to sit in Parliament.


Meanwhile, the damage done to justice, parliamentary process, national infrastructure and social order, the entrenched corruption, cruelty and inhumanity, will take decades to repair and the ALP will be blamed for the “delay” by voters with the memory span of goldfish, the LNP will be returned to power, and the whole corrosive process will repeat itself.

Democracy, globally, like Communism in the vanished USSR, is dying, corrupted from within. The wake will be held soon.

BYO hard hats, baseball bats and Molotov cocktails.

Guillotine Day cometh!

And on Manus where he has been kept by Australia’s Turnbull/Abbott government for almost four years, Iranian asylum seeker and journalist Behrouz Boochani writes: “Death is always ever so present. Death. The breath of death. The scent of death. The reign of death over Manus prison. This is the reality of living out here.”

Welcome to Monstralia!


  1. Turnbull is the most gutless politician i have ever seen, and he will be remembered as such,plus the fact that he is an obnoxious smart arse who treats people like absolute shit!*!*

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