A Budget to die for!

Posted: May 4, 2016 in Australia
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Written by Max Gross

First published in abridged form at Xenox News Wednesday, 4 May, 2016

“The only function of economic forecasting is to make astrology look respectable” – John Kenneth Galbraith, US (Canadian-born) administrator & economist (1908 – 2006)

I was thinking of analysing the first and last Turnbull government Budget.


But, damned if I was going to waste my time listening to that rabid feckin’ junkyard dog Scutt Morrison parrot the usual LIEbral bullshit as they kick the poor and pander to the rich so I watched an episode of Heston Blumenthal doing weird shit to food on SBS-on-Demand instead.

Later, I turned to the news on-line and got no further than “Mr Morrison said…” before my gag reflex kicked in.Turnbott-budget-2016.jpg

Morrison’s Budget features precisely what you would expect from an ultra-con mob of self-entitled spivs, grifters and nutters:

Platitudes, lies and three-word slogans!


The lame-duck Turnbott government has decided to ignore or punish anyone who doesn’t own  a rental property, doesn’t earn $80,000 or more, or whose small business is struggling to make a buck.

In other words, the majority of Australians.

Their “trickle down” benefit is actually them pissing on us from their ivory towers.

LNP-misty.jpgAs for foreign aid in a time of global crisis with millions of refugees desperately seeking asylum, Australia now boasts a historically low contribution of less than 1% of GDP!

The LIEbrals have been “in charge” for almost 3 years and what have they achieved?

Dwarfing previous budgets with their very own debt and deficit disaster?

Driving imprisoned asylum seekers insane?

Stopping “The Boats”?


The naval blockade that is costing the budget bottom line how much, exactly?Dutton_cretin

Five months ago it was reported that the cost of our deliberately cruel immigration detention system has blown out by more than $1 billion.

Last financial year the Turnbull/Abbott government spent $1.2 billion on Australia’s offshore detention centres, including $20 million on charter flights alone.

And just wait until all those lawsuits regarding illegal detention on Manus Island start pouring in!


Nope, nope, and nope!

I’m not going to dig through all that rancid, reeking LNP/IPA bullshit as they sink their highly polished chromium steel-capped boots into the weakest, poorest and most vulnerable this time round.

Feck ’em!

You want to pick through the rotting garbage, go ahead!

You want the backstory? Here it is!

You want to breathe freely and briefly feel human again, then here, breathe!

Budget-2016.jpgThe only consolation is knowing the Turnbott government won’t be around long enough to break their latest promises, pledges and commitments.

But eight weeks?!

Jesus wept!

Eight more weeks before we apparently get a chance to vote Talcolm Furball and the rest of those vicious, venal bastards out.

Eight weeks of “Mums and Dads”, “Jobs and Growth” and what else?

Let Them Burn“?

We all know the only reason the LNP exists is to protect, expand and further entrench its monied status quo.

It’s their psychopathic version of the Social Contract.

The thing is, these LNP parasites really do believe they are entitled to it ALL: government, the power, the influence, the benefits, the sly money and easy living at taxpayer expense.

LNP-real-eastateIt’s their right because of who and what they are, while we… well, we mere mortals are just pawns, patsies and cannon fodder.

So, when Talcolm Furball finally stops threatening to call an election and actually nudges the stooge Governor-General  into action to officially rooly trooly declare the election date officially, there’ll be blood on the walls as fingernail-gnawing government MPs holding marginal electorates watch the gravy train vanish on the horizon.

There’s already great splatters of faeces all over the floor and ceiling.

The feral faceless ultra-con masters-of-the-universe want it all and they want it now because it is their imperative, sacred, god-given right to rule and rort!

And just wait until that nifty terrorism alert level starts jumping up and down!

Oh, the stampede for the comfort of the little blue liberal blanket, flea infested and smallpox infected as it is.GFC

As for Scum Morrison’s “path back to surplus”, first pledged by the LNP to end in 2012-13, well that dry old turd now stretches to 2020-21 and beyond!

And good luck with that!

Now where’s my feckin’ vodka!

20160323_Mad Max (2)



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